The U.S. Plan To Get Rid of Netanyahu

The United States attempt to get rid of Netanyahu was officially revealed yesterday as US spokesmen officially declared there would be no continued attempt to extend the housing moratorium. Let’s review what transpired: 1. Hillary lured Bibi to a meeting in which she articulated a number of incentives to get Israel to extend the housing freeze. These included a free squadron of F-35s, an exclusion of east Jerusalem from the proposed freeze, and no extension of the proposed freeze past three months. 2. Then, immediately after Bibi returned to Israel with these incentives and started trying to get his coalition to go along, the State Dept. backtracked on every promise. 3. But Bibi (stupidly in my opinion) continued to try. 4. And now, after succeeding in causing fractures in the coalition, the State Department has completely pulled the rug out from Netanyahu. Let’s remember that this was the Obama Administration’s and Abu Mazen’s strategy all along.

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