New Year’s Resolutions

I , Bibi Netanyahu, am going to make a short list of New Year’s resolutions for 2011:  (1.) I resolve to keep Kadima out of the government at all costs. I realize that any alliance with Livni will be catastrophic for the security of Israel. (2.) I resolve that I will stay the course in my campaign to have the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state and to have them declare publicly that there will be no repatriation of Palestinian ‘refugees.’ (3.) I resolve to support the Jewish communities in the West Bank and in Jerusalem more than ever. I remember what happened in Gaza when our communities were abandoned there. (4.) I resolve  to work to bridge the gap between the orthodox and the secular in Israel–realizing that this disconnect is worsening with ultimately dire results for Israel. (5.) I resolve to work to better integrate Israel in the family of nations but at the same time to hold in utter contempt those countries who seek to delegitimize Israel….. Happy New Year to all!!

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