From Egypt To Ackerman (Part 2)

Two days ago, I wrote that the Islamists would move quickly to co-opt the revolutionary fervor in Egypt. And so they have. Today the Muslim Brotherhood declared their support for El-Baradei–saying that they would support his forming a “unity” government.  Does this sound familiar? It should because this is precisely the path Hezbollah took in Lebanon.  And look at what has happened in Lebanon. Will Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt survive? Highly doubtful. Unrelated: J Street is now waging a campaign against  Congressman Gary Ackerman of New York–ridiculous declaring him a “man of no principle” because he has the audacity to call J Street what it is–an organization that works against Israel. Call this number 7184232154 to tell Congressman Ackerman’s office you support him.

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