Egypt and Israel Thrown Under the Bus

Now we have cables from the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt in 2009 indicating that the U.S. was aware of a secret movement in Egypt to oust Mubarak with an action date of 2011. The cables further indicate that there was a concerted effort on the part of the Obama Administration NOT to inform Mubarak of what was being planned.  Ironically, in light of how Obama has tried to get rid of the current Egyptian government, the Israeli media is wondering if the same thing could happen to Israel. It already has. 2009/10 saw an active attempt by the Obama Administration to actively  undercut Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel. (By the way, this was an effort that Mahmoud Abbas was made aware of in 2009–when he explained in an interview that there was no need to negotiate with Israel because Obama was going to ensure Netanyahu’s departure–leaving Livni to form a new Israeli government.) So here we have the U.S.’s two main allies in the Middle East being unceremoniously thrown under the bus by Obama.

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