The Remarkable Naivete of the Europeans: Tony Blair Again

The remarkable naivete of the Europeans was on full display a couple of nights ago on Israeli TV.  In the midst of an interview on Channel 10, Tony Blair was asked if he understood why Israelis were uncomfortable with the prospect of a regime change in Egypt. Blair then answered: “Of course I realize that Israelis might be anxious about a change in the Egyptian government. But all the Israelis have to do is to go to the new Egyptian government, express their concerns, and then everything will be all right.”  And he said this with a straight face! I suppose the same is true of the Syrian, Turkish, and Iranian governments. All we have to do is arrange a meeting, express our concerns, and everything will be copasetic. On the other hand, if Tony would only share what he is smoking  with Assad, Erdogan, and Ahmadinejad–we could all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

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