The Sordid Attempt to Rehabilitate Judge Goldstone

It is interesting to see the worldwide attempt to rehabilitate Judge Richard Goldstone, author of the infamous report on the Gaza incursion. Just today, he is appearing the UC-Davis School of Law in California talking about “International Law”. In the blurb issued by the Law School, no mention is made of Goldstone’s apartheid past or of his highly controversial report. Now he has been remade into a “scholar” and an “expert” on international criminal law and war crimes. The memory span of people has become non-existent. Whatever happened 25 years ago, or even 3 years ago simply did not happen. I leave you with a paraphrase from Goldstone regarding his participation in the executions by hanging of 28 black South Africans: I never discriminated against blacks and did the best I could to act with fairness, even though I was forced to enforce laws that I objected to morally.  What does this mean? That he was forced to execute the defendants because the law demanded it? I’m sure you can think of similar statements made by other people in history who acted immorally and unjustly.

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