J Street Rears Its Ugly Head: Kudos for Michael Oren and the Israeli Government!

The infamous J Street is holding its annual convention at the end of the month in Washington. Touting itself as “pro-Israel” and “pro-peace” yet almost totally funded by Israel basher George Soros, J Street has spent the last two weeks urging the United States not to exercise its veto if the UN Security Council considers a resolution condemning Israel’s housing construction in Jewish communities in East Jerusalem and on the West Bank. This urging comes on top of a petition that J Street has been pushing its members to send to President Obama which would force Israel to reach an agreement on borders and security in advance of agreement on other issues. According to the terms of that petition and proposal, all the Palestinians have to do is to refuse to come to the table. Then it falls to the United States to create borders and for the “Quartet and other international stakeholders” to deploy an international force in the area. Israel would then be forced to withdraw from the territories and negotiations would then resume “on all other outstanding final status issues” such as Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees.

It has been announced that Dennis Ross will represent the Obama Administration at the convention, but Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. will not allow participate or allow embassy staff to participate. We can only hope that Ross will confront J Street with the brazen bias of its positions—but given Obama’s previous unseemly dealings with J Street that seems highly unlikely.

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