What A Fool Believes: The Suez Canal And The Call For Democracy

The Doobie Brothers had it right in the song: “What a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away.” What strikes me everyday is how easily people in the world (especially in the West) believe anything and everything. For example, in the past few days, we have seen the news reports of the Iranian warships possibly passing through the Suez Canal. Yesterday, the Egyptian military confirmed that the vessels will indeed be moving through the Canal today and tomorrow (the first time that Iranian ships have passed through since 1979.  But, the Suez Canalmaster was at pains to point out that the Iranians would first have to “disarm” their ships. Disarm their ships? Does anyone really believe that the Iranians are going to remove the gun batteries and missile magazines from their ships?

And days after Mubarak is removed, the Mubarak who would never let the Iranians use the canal, we see power dangerously continue to shift in the region to Iran. And speaking of Mubarak–one of America’s strongest allies in the region– we witnessed the spectacle of the Obama administration openly and repeatedly calling for his resignation and ouster because of the ”people’s” protests in the Egyptian street. Now that we have had 10 days of similar protests in Iran, Libya (where hundreds have been killed), Jordan, and Bahrain, why hasn’t the Obama Administration called openly and repeatedly for the ouster of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad? Qaddafi? Abdullah?  al-Khalifa?  Why is Obama suddenly silent about these dictators? Does anyone really believe that the American Administration is committed to democracy?

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