The Peace Process Is Dead

No one likes to hear the obvious–but the obvious fact is that the so-called peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is dead. Israel has taken numerous steps for peace in the past two years: suspending construction in Jewish communities in Jerusalem and in the West Bank, eliminating hundreds of checkpoints to facilitate ease of Palestinian movement (even at a risk to the security of Israeli citizens), fostering Palestinian economic development on numerous levels, ignoring yet again hundreds of rockets and mortars fired into southern Israel (see the ever-increasing statistic on the right hand side of the israelstreet page), and indicating loudly and repeatedly to whomever will listen its desire to live with a free and independent Palestinian neighbor state.

And how have the Palestinians answered? With a resounding NO to every gesture. What is left? Nothing but unilateral gestures on the part of Israel that weaken Israel, but seek to appease an international community that walks in lockstep with the Palestinians.

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