The Rain of Hamas Rockets Continues: CUFI Rallies To Southern Israel’s Aid

Libya burns, Iranian ships dock in Syria, and 5 Hamas rockets strike southern Israel; yesterday was just another ho-hum day in the Middle East.  Not really. The situation in Sderot and Ashkelon has been deteriorating steadily over the last month. Signs in children’s classrooms once again instruct students to hide under their desks if sirens sound–and they have been sounding at least two or three times a day. Israeli children are exposed;  Ashkelon Mayor Benny Vaknin pointed out yesterday that in Ashkelon alone 10 schools and 22 kindergartens in the city were not fortified until U.S. pro-Israel Christian organizations provided assistance. Two years ago, I was invited to attend a CUFI (Christians United For Israel) rally in Sacramento, California–where in the space of one hour, over $125,000 was raised for shelters in Ashkelon. The evangelical Christian community in the U.S. is a bulwark of support for Israel and a key component in the fight against radical Islam in the U.S.

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