Beersheva Bombed. Israel Under Attack. War Is In The Wind

Yesterday I wrote that the situation in southern Israel “has been deteriorating steadily over the last month.” Hours after I wrote that, Beersheva was bombed at 9:40pm with a Grad missile from Gaza.  The rocket caused considerable to a neighborhood, damaging houses, shattering windows, and spreading shrapnel over a large area. Apparently, other rockets also landed but failed to explode. Ten Israelis, including four children, were taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheva suffering from trauma and light injuries. More than this, three mortar bombs were fired at the Shaar Henegev Regional Council yesterday, one  exploding near a soccer field, another near a pool and the third near a kibbutz. Sirens were later heard all over southern Israel from Ashdod and Rehovot  south to Sderot. Later in the evening, following an IAF retaliatory strike on terrorist cells operating in Gaza, more mortars were fired at an IDF military outpost at Nahal Oz.  At the end of the day, Netanyahu said that Israel will not tolerate its citizens being under attack. War is in the wind.

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