Ghannouchi and Qaradawi. The Rise of Islamists in Tunisia and Egypt

Think back to 1979. Young secular Iranians, many of whom had been educated in the United States, overthrew the Shah and hailed the coming of a democratic Iran. A previously exiled Khomeini quickly appeared, cast the the young people aside, and the Iranian theocracy was formed. Fast forward to 2011. Young secular Tunisians and Egyptians, many of whom have been educated in the United States and Europe, have seemingly overthrown their autocratic governments (both still have martial law), and democracy seems just around the corner. Enter the Islamists:  Tunisian imam Rashid Ghannouchi and Egyptian Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi.  In the chaos of Tunisia and Egypt, they are rapidly consolidating their power and are on the verge of taking their countries over the Islamic precipice. Remember their names; you will hear them often in the years to come.

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