Where Hatred of Israel Means Love of Israel. The Brazen Lie of J Street

Here is the message that was sent out yesterday to all of those on the J Street mailing list (yes, I am subversively on the list):

“The mood is electric here in Washington, DC where over 2,000 people have gathered for J Street’s second national conference. In minutes, we’ll open the conference with a special plenary session honoring three heroes of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement — author Peter Beinart . . . Sarah Benninga . . . and Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. . .”

Three heroes of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement? Dr. Abuelaish is the doctor who tragically lost three of his daughters when his house was hit by an Israeli rocket during the Gaza incursion. Of course, the rocket was fired because Hamas–without the doctor’s knowledge apparently–was launching rockets from in front of the house.
Peter Beinart is the journalist author of article after article condemning Israel. In one of his more recent diatribes “The Failure of The American Jewish Establishment”, he accuses Israel yet again for not allowing open debate and using military force without regard to human rights. Beinart’s hatred of Zionism blackens every sentence that he writes. Sarah Benninga is the extreme left-wing activist who proclaimed a year ago at Sheikh Jarrah that the Netanyahu government is “awash with fanaticism and racism that seduces the masses with nationalist rhetoric…[and] does not care about the welfare and well-being of human beings [and] only cares about ethnic, tribal, . . . loyalty.”

J Street is pro-Israel? Only…in an Orwellian world where hatred of Israel means love of Israel.

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