The Cancer Of CAIR Infiltrating American Communities

On Thursday Representative Peter King of New York, chairman of the House of Representatives Homeland Security Commitee, is commencing House hearings into the radicalization of Islam. The group leading the charge against these hearings is CAIR–the Council on American-Islamic Relations. In this blog I am not going to recount the history of CAIR and how it is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood with ties to Hamas, or how it was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terrorism case in the U.S that involved funding Hamas. Instead, I want to give you a brief glimpse at how CAIR operates on a local level, spreading its tentacles into American religious, social, and political life.

Here are activities in which CAIR has actively participated in my community in the last few years: as the only political co-sponsor of the Children/Celebration of Abraham–a supposedly religious group that ingratiates Moslems with Christians and Jews; as the sponsor (with its brother organization The Muslim Student Association) on campus of numerous anti-Israel speakers such as Neturei Karta and Ward Churchill; as the primary supporter of a resolution introduced in the local city council condemning Israel for its actions in Gaza in Cast Lead; as members of the local Human Relations Commission, the ACLU, and so-called ‘peace’ groups–forums used again to condemn Israel wherever possible; providing a speaker at the local synagogue to discuss the tolerance of Islam (again, remember that CAIR is a stridently political organization). And too many other guises to mention here.

CAIR is like a malignant tumor; once it has entered your community, it is almost impossible to eradicate.

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