Why Can’t Most ‘Liberals’ Understand The Islamic Threat? Contact Rep. King’s Office Today!

Representative Peter King’s hearings into the radicalization of Islam have begun today in the Homeland Security Committee. There has been an outpouring of violent criticism aimed at King causing him to double his personal security detail and the security at the hearings. Nevertheless, a Gallup poll published this morning shows that a majority of Americans support the hearings, but with the following distinctions: “69% of Republicans say the hearings are the right thing, while only 40 % of Democrats say they are appropriate.  Overall, 49 % of Democrats polled on Tuesday say the hearings are not appropriate, compared to 42 % of independents and 23 % of Republicans.”

For those of you outside the United States, Democrats in the U.S. are usually identified as being ‘liberal’ while Republicans in the U.S. are identified as ‘conservative’. This morning I ask why most liberals cannot understand the Islamic threat? I think the answer simply stems from the liberal idea that all people are the same; they may be culturally different, but they share the same desires and aspirations. From this belief comes the idea of tolerance; one must be tolerant of others no matter how dramatically different the values of those others may be. And, because we are the same, when differences do appear, all we have to do is talk about them and they will go away–because those who disagree with us will realize that we all want the same thing. These liberal ideas are precisely the ones that Islamists have been using to gradually gain power in Western societies–look at what is taking place all over Europe–and the ones being used by CAIR this morning in the U.S. to spearhead the fight against Representative King.

The simple facts are that people are not the same; different cultures–especially those based on Islam– have dramatically different values.  These differences cannot be talked away and must not be tolerated when they infringe on our values. For example, when we see Islamists in Iran hanging gays, or the Taliban in Afghanistan forbidding women from studying, working, and voting, or when we see Shariah law being accepted in the United Kingdom, are we just supposed to tolerate this and do nothing? Contact Representative King right now (wherever you are) and give him your support: http://peteking.house.gov/email.shtml

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