Gilad Shalit–1,720 Days– Where Is The Outcry? Where is The Humanity?

1,720 days ago. What were you doing on June 25, 2006? Gilad Shalit, a 19-year old corporal in the Israeli army was patrolling the border between Israel and Gaza. Hamas terrorists came across the border, kidnapped him and took him back to Gaza where he has been imprisoned ever since. During these 1,720 days, Hamas has forbidden any contact with Shalit–including any visit by the International Red Cross. Shalit’s parents have traveled the world seeking their son’s release, but in every venue they have been shunned by so-called ‘human rights’ organizations. Where is the international outcry over this atrocity? Where is the humanity? There are no human rights when it comes to Israelis.

Beginning today, israelstreet will keep a counter documenting Shalit’s imprisonment. What can you do? Ask your government to demand that Hamas release Gilad Shalit.

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