Dancing In The Street! Candy For Everyone! Three-Month-Old Girl, Four and Eleven-Year Old Brothers, And Parents Slaughtered As They Sleep

There was a explosion of joy in Gaza last night—one of the largest celebrations in recent memory. Palestinians poured into the street singing, dancing, and exchanging candy. The partying went on during the night and continued until this morning. And what were they celebrating? Two members of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, the military wing of the Palestinian Authority, entered the Jewish community of Itamar  on Shabbat, went into the first house that they found, discovered a three-month old girl (Hadas Fogel), her four and eleven-year-old brothers (Elad and Yoav), and the parents of the three children (Udi and Ruth), and viciously stabbed all of them to death as they slept.

You may remember that three days ago, I wrote about how Palestinian society is rotten to the core. The example I used was how they incite their children to glorify death by naming sports events after suicide bombers. Today, you see the result.

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