Remember Those Iranian Warships? Israel Intercepts Weapons Vessel Bound For Gaza

Remember those Iranian warships that transited the Suez Canal a couple of weeks ago then docked at the Syrian port of Lattakai? The ones that the Egyptians were going to make sure were not carrying weapons? It turns out this morning that weapons destined for Gaza are precisely what the Iranians were carrying.

Shortly after docking in Lattakia, another boat docked alongside, the Victoria (a boat owned by Germans, operated by a French shipping company, and flying the flag of Liberia). The Iranian weapons were loaded onto the Victoria which set sail Monday night. This morning the ship was boarded 200 miles off the Israel coast by Israel commandos from Shayetet 13, placed under Israeli control, and taken to Ashdod where “dozens of tons” of weaponry earmarked for Hamas were discovered.  And the world wonders why Israel has blockaded Gaza.

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