History Repeats Itself. Dozens of Rockets Fired Into Southern Israel. The World Does Nothing

Last month, I wrote about Beersheva being bombed by a Grad rocket from Gaza. If you note the number on the right hand side of this page of my website, you will see that the number of rockets and mortars fired into Israel since the last ceasefire now stands at 604–including over 50 yesterday. 50+. Does anybody care? Why should they? After all, it is only southern Israel being bombarded. It is only Israeli Jews and Arabs who have to spend their hours in bomb shelters. It is only Israelis who get killed or injured by shrapnel.  As the events of the last week show, the old pattern is being followed again. Hamas bombs Israeli civilians indiscriminately, is attacked by the IDF, beaten badly, plies for a ceasefire, uses the ceasefire to rearm itself to the hilt, and begins to bombard Israel again. And yet again the world will recoil in horror, shock, and screams about human rights and disproportionality when Israel finally goes after the terrorists who are trying to kill Israeli men, women, and children.

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