The Time Has Come To Eliminate The Terrorist Infrastructure in Gaza

Over 100 rockets from Gaza have now hit Israel in the last week. Yesterday eleven rockets hit deep within Israel–within 10 miles of Tel Aviv. My Israel home city of Ashdod was struck again by Grad missiles. My son reports that the bomb alert sirens were heard all day and that he spent much of the day in our bomb shelter. He heard loud explosions from the middle of the city. Our friend down the street who works with MADA tells us by phone this morning that almost 200 hundred people in Ashdod were treated for trauma (the bombs fortunately fell in an open space beside a residential area–where my best friend in Israel lives). This friend saw the Grads come flying in across the city and exploding 75 meters from his home.

My question to the world this morning is simply: what would you do? Would you merely sit in your home everyday waiting for rockets to rain down? Would you be willing to spend your days in a bomb shelter? Would you be willing to pull your children out of school indefinitely because you were afraid they would be randomly murdered by rocket fire?

I am tired of Gaza. I am tired of the so-called ‘civilians’ of Gaza doing nothing to stop the endless terrorist attacks and rocket fire. I am tired of the world obsessing about the so-called ‘civilians’ of Gaza and caring NOTHING about the civilians of Israel. I am tired of the Israeli government not taking care of this problem once and for all. It is time for an all-out attack on Gaza–no holds barred. If Palestinian civilians get killed, too bad–they knew what they were getting when they chose Hamas.  The Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Al-Aqsa Brigade infrastructure must be destroyed–and destroyed now with all the weapons that Israel has at its disposal.

And I really don’t care what the world thinks. Can the world possibly condemn and ostracize Israel any more than it already has? Israel has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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