Thank You….(and) The Latest J Street Debacle: “J Street is Pro-Palestinian And Not Pro-Israel”

First a quick thank you! Today marks three months since I started israelstreet. In the last 30 days alone, visitors from  Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, India, China, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Canada, and the United States have come to israelstreet for information. Please continue to spread the word!

First came the corrupt debacle concerning J Street funding in which it was revealed that Jeremy Ben-Ami, the Executive Director of J Street, had repeatedly lied about the source of J Street’s money. As it turns out, J Street is not really supported by grass roots members at all;  most of its money comes from Israel basher George Soros and his friend, a Hong Kong racetrack owner .  Then came a convention of self-aggrandizement in Washington, and a series of failed J Street resolutions in which members were urged to “Tell President Obama Not To Veto The Security Council Resolution Against Israel” (he did anyway);  “Tell Your Congressmen Not To Eliminate Funding For the Palestinian Authority” (the proposed elimination is still on the table), and the latest this past week “Tell Benjamin Netanyahu to treat the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement as allies.”

What was the result of J Street going to Israel for a lovefest with Netanyahu? Another debacle. At the conclusion of committee hearings, Danny Danon (the Likud committee chairman and Netanyahu’s friend) had this to say: “J Street is pro-Palestinian and not pro-Israel, and gives cover to organizations that support and encourage trade and academic boycotts of Israel.” I couldn’t have said it better.

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