The Sheer Idiocy of the Palestinian Authority’s Reconciliation With Hamas

It is often been said that the Palestinians never learn from history. From 1948 until today, there have been numerous moments when they could have had a Palestinian state but chose not to–in hopes that Israel would be destroyed.

Now there is a major push by the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) to reconcile with terrorist Hamas in advance of the September session of the United Nations at which time the Palestinians will declare statehood. The West Bank is excitedly abuzz with how Abbas is ready to give up hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid in order to unite Fatah with the terrorist organization.

And what does Hamas want? Simply the sharing of governmental powers and security with the PA, the release of all Hamas prisoners in the West Bank, and the reinstatement of Hamas ability to operate on the West Bank. If any of this sounds familiar, it should. This is what the PA (Fatah) agreed to in Gaza–only to have Hamas take over and wipe Fatah off the Gazan map.

A few final observations: Fatah-Hamas reconciliation will be the final nail in the coffin of the ‘peace process’–even as the world demands that Israel negotiate with an entity whose charter demands Israel’s destruction. Iran will extend its tentacles into the West Bank as Hamas takes over.  The Palestinians will hang themselves out to dry yet again.

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