The Misguided Israeli Rush To Embrace Goldstone’s Article

Pardon me dear reader for dwelling on the hideous Richard Goldstone for one more day. This morning, the Israeli news is awash with everyone who is anybody rushing to publicize Goldstone’s “Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and War Crimes” as a sign that Goldstone has penitently changed his mind about the information in his infamous report. Netanyahu, Lieberman, and Barak–all think the article should serve as the basis for having the Goldstone Report overturned in the United Nations. Even the Palestinians are “furious” that Goldstone has “changed his mind.”

I don’t think any of these people have actually read Goldstone’s article.

As I reported yesterday, the most positive statement that Goldstone makes about Israel is that he expressly states that Gazan “civilians were not targeted as a matter of policy.”  But before and after making this obvious comment, the unremorseful Goldstone devolves into a scathing series of self-serving attacks against Israel by commenting:

*that “investigations published by the Israeli military and recognized in the U.N. committee’s report established the validity of some incidents that we have investigated in cases involving individual soldiers.” In other words, individual IDF soldiers are guilty of intentionally targeting civilians. (By the way, most accusations against IDF soldiers have been dismissed as ‘groundless’).

*that he is confident that the officer who ordered the shelling of the al-Simouni family based on “an erroneous interpretation of a drone image” will be found negligent and punished accordingly. In other words, the IDF commander is guilty of a crime. (By the way, the IDF commander has not been accused of a crime, though “Judge” Goldstone is more than willing to prejudge him–just like he prejudged all of the black South Africans he hung in South Africa during the 1980s).

*that he is concerned that “few of Israel’s inquiries have been concluded”–and that they have not been “held in a public forum.” In other words, Israel’s investigations have been slow, and their conclusions are questionable because the investigations are non-transparent. (By the way, how does Goldstone even know about the investigations? How does he know that the al-Simouni commander is being investigated?)

*that Israel demonstrated a “lack of cooperation with our  investigation” and that the Goldstone Report recommendations “were based on the record before us which unfortunately did not include any evidence provided by the Israeli government.” In other words, the Israeli government is responsible for the misinformation in the report. (By the way, Israel presented the Goldstone Commission with thousands of documents and many people who asked to testify before the Commission in support of Israel were refused the opportunity).

*that one effect of this lack of cooperation was that Goldstone’s committee was “not able to corroborate” how many civilians were killed. In other words, Israel is responsible for whatever incorrect numbers were reported. As I pointed out yesterday, Goldstone actually accuses Israel of lying about the number of civilian deaths. (By the way, even Hamas now agrees with Israel about the number of civilians who were killed.)

To repeat what I said yesterday, the odious Goldstone shows no remorse for the inestimable harm he has done to Israel. Each sentence of his article drips with narcissism and is designed to be self-serving. Goldstone’s bias against Israel is as strong as ever, and Israelis and others would do well to read his article carefully before jumping on the ‘penitent Goldstone’ bandwagon.

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