Ruach Tova: The Brightly Shining Light of ‘Good Deeds Day’

When reporting about Israel, it is easy to slip into negativity, and this morning is no exception as the conflict around Gaza dangerously escalated when Hamas fired 15 rockets at southern Israel, and a Hamas anti-tank missile was fired at an Israeli school bus critically injuring a 16 year old.

But breaking through horrific events like this comes the brightly shining light of Good Deeds Day, started a number of years ago by Israeli Shari Arison’s Ruach Tova (Good Wind) Foundation.  This past  Tuesday, over 130,000 Israelis and thousands of others, simply went out and did something to help another person or benefit their community. Students in Israeli schools, 5000 soldiers from the IDF, and workers from over 700 Israeli businesses volunteered to help with a range of projects including “painting the homes of senior citizens, cleaning up beaches and parks, renovating centers for children at risk and creating public gardens.”

Shari Arison says: “Each year, this project enables tens of thousands of people in Israel and throughout the world to experience the pleasure of doing something good for someone else and to discover that in many cases, it’s very easy to give. That’s because there are many places where a smile and listening ear can bring about change in someone’s situation. In our experience, many of the volunteers choose to go on volunteering after Good Deeds Day and succeed in bringing happiness to even more people, and to themselves as well.”*

Do you have any spare time today, tomorrow, or any other time to do a good deed for your neighbor or someone else? Follow the example of Israelis and do something to help another person and benefit your community. In doing so, you will also benefit yourself.

*as reported in YNet news

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