Israel Has Lost Its Nerve and Hamas Knows It: The Pusillanimous Doctrine Of ‘Crossing Red Lines’

This morning all of southern Israel is either in bomb shelters or waiting to run to a bomb shelter. The last three days have seen some 75 Hamas Qassams, Grads, and mortars randomly fired at Israeli children, women, and men. Yesterday, Hamas fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus. Fortunately, most of the 40 children on the bus had just gotten off–leaving only one 16 year old and the driver inside. The 16 year old was critically injured and the driver suffered minor leg wounds.

Following this incredible series of events, Defense Minister Barak and Prime Minister Netanyahu made the following outrageous statements. Speaking last night at the IDF’s Southern Command Center in reference to the school bus attack, Barak said that it is “very serious event that hit deep into Israeli territory from deep within the Gaza Strip. That is something that we cannot accept. . . We see Hamas as responsible for everything originating in Gaza, and we expect that Hamas will understand what is allowed, and of course, what is forbidden.” This morning, Netanyahu chimed in that the attacks had “crossed red lines” and that the perpetrators have “blood on their hands.”

Hamas will understand what is ‘allowed’ and what is ‘forbidden’? The school bus attack crossed ‘red lines’? Is it now Israeli government policy that it is ‘allowed’ for southern Israel to live in bunkers and suffer wave after wave of rocket attacks? How many rockets have to be fired before a ‘red line’ is crossed? This kind of pusillanimous talk shows just how absurd the situation has become when the residents of the country cannot count on its government to defend them–and even countenances continuing enemy attacks against them. Simply put, Israel has lost its nerve and Hamas knows it.

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