The Relentless Hamas Rocket Assault Continues. The High Price of Israel’s ‘Measured Response’

Are you keeping track of the counter on the right of the page? Another 70 rockets and missiles fired in the last 24 hours. Five rockets fired in the last hour at Ashkelon. Rockets striking as far north as Ashdod; rockets hitting at Nitzanim, rockets hitting near Ashkelon, Sderot, Beersheva. And what is Israel doing about it? ‘Surgical’ airstrikes attempting to hit individual cells on their way to launch rockets resulting in the deaths of 20 terrrorists so far and using the Iron Dome systems positioned around Beersheva and Ashkelon to intercept rockets (wonderfully successful according to the IDF for bringing down 4 rockets so far)–both of these actions remarkably unsuccessful in stopping the aerial assault.

For its part, Hamas is complaining to the world about Israeli ‘war crimes’ and saying that so far its response has been ‘limited’.

The sad state of affairs in Israel is indicated by Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s nauseating comments on Friday in which he said that the recent escalation in rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza do not pose a danger to school children in the western Negev. Referring to schools in the south around Sderot, Saar boasted that this “is an area that over the past years we have worked systematically to establish protection for it and these schools are built up to security standards.”  In other words, these school children don’t have to worry because their schools are bomb shelters. Their only concern Saar commented is just getting to and from school alive. Absolutely, positively, pathetic.

When the government of Israel is willing to tolerate devastating daily attacks on Israel, a generation of kids grows up that will leave Israel because they have learned the government doesn’t care about its citizens.

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