How Do You Protect Israeli Kids? Send Them To See Justin Bieber

Readers of this blog have noted my increasing disgust for the Israel government’s response to the continuing rocket fire from Gaza.  Yesterday we were treated to more bluster from our chicken hawks Barak and Netanyahu. Barak cheeped that “As far as we’re concerned, Hamas is responsible for everything in the strip and all the organizations that operate there . . . we will not accept any activities that harm our citizens, actions such as firing at a bus or attempts to put 750,000 citizens in bomb shelters.” Netanyahu then chirped that any more rocket fire would be met with “an even harsher response” than Israel has already given.

Hamas rocketeers are shaking in their boots. So much so that they fired more than 20 rockets including Qassams and Grads at the Israeli south this morning and afternoon putting those 750,000 men, women, and children back into their bomb shelters.  But this evening there is a new plan to protect a few of  southern Israel’s children for at least one night. 700 kids are being given free tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Tel Aviv on Thursday night–all they have to do is to be able to get to and from the concert without being killed by Hamas rockets.

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