It’s ‘Groundhog Day’ Morning In Israel. When Will Israel Ever Learn?

Did you ever see the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ starring Bill Murray in which the same day is repeated over and over? Groundhog Day morning has depressingly started for Israelis again. Hamas has decided it wants a ceasefire, Israel has limply agreed, thousands of weapons will continue pouring into Gaza from all directions (by the way it was a Russian anti-tank missile from Syria that struck the Israeli school bus), and Israelis living in the south can come out of their bomb shelter holes again. In Groundhog Day afternoon, Hamas will begin launching mortars and rockets into Israel again, slowly ratcheting up the number fired, and sending all Israelis scurrying back into their holes. By Groundhog Day evening, the Israeli government will decide that something must be done–and will half-heartedly pound Hamas back into its Gazahole until it asks for another ceasefire.

A cabinet minister described this absurd Groundhog Day Israeli policy yesterday: “Our current goal is to restore calm and lead to a truce. All ministers who attended today’s cabinet meeting agreed that Israel must avoid an operation in Gaza and act according to Hamas’ conduct.” An IDF spokesman commented that a cease-fire now means a full-blown war soon–but added that no one wants a war before the holidays and Independence Day have passed. For his part, Foreign Minister Lieberman blasted the government for its strategic blunder of not seizing the opportunity and eradicating Hamas once and for all.  As usual, Lieberman is exactly correct.

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