Israel’s Rehabilitation of Hamas and Fatah. Buying Into The Terrorist ‘Good Guy’ ‘Bad Guy’ Nonsense

Yesterday Major-General Tal Russo of the IDF Southern Command was trying to mollify Alon Schuster, the head of Shaar Hanegev Regional Council (the area that includes Sderot): “In the end the tail wags the dog. The Hamas political leadership wants a lull while the military tries to harm civilians. The gap between the two is immense.” This talking point has been repeated ad nauseum by spokesmen for the Israeli government and the IDF during the last week.

The Hamas political leadership is not trying to harm Israeli civilians? The gap between Hamas politicians and the Hamas terror wings is immense? What utter nonsense. There is now ‘good’ Hamas and ‘bad’ Hamas? Hamas is Hamas. The second that Hamas’s terrorist leaders decided the other day that they needed a truce to regroup, Hamas’s terrorist rocketeers stopped firing.

If all of this sounds familiar it should. Think of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and all the other Palestinian terrorist groups on the West Bank–all of which take their marching orders from Fatah (the Palestinian Authority) leadership. How did the Fatah politicians become the good guys and Al-Aqsa and the others become the bad guys? They were rehabilitated by Israel and the West so that Israel would have a ‘partner’ for peace. What utter nonsense.

By the way, a high five to Schuster who wasn’t buying what Russo was selling, and demanded that “the defense establishment” go after Hamas.

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