Dark Days Ahead? The Clock Is Ticking Down To The New Nation of Palestine (Part 1)

The clock is ticking down. Yesterday in Brussels, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad declared that United Nations’, World Bank’s, and International Monetary Fund’s endorsement of Palestinian readiness to govern is Palestine’s “birth certificate.” Fayyad’s comments were made after a meeting of international representatives, some of whom pledged five billion dollars to the new state of Palestine. Chaired by Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Store, the group even included Israeli government official Irit Ben-Abba from the economic affairs ministry.  The European Union additionally declared immediate duty free access of all Palestinian goods (except, notably, fruits and vegetables) to the E.U. marketplace.

In September at the United Nations General Assemby, the Palestinians will demand and receive a new Palestinian state . This state will be declared along the 1967 border. In one fell swoop, all Jewish presence in so-called “East” Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, French Hill and so on will be officially declared illegal. Every Jewish community on the West Bank side of the 1967 border will be officially declared illegal. Every IDF base and outpost in the West Bank will officially be declared a direct contravention of Palestinian sovereignty.

Every demand that Israel has made of the Palestinians over the years–exchange of land (to accommodate the Jewish communities) demilitarization of the West Bank, and recognition of Israel as a Jewish nation will be thrown out the window. The new state of Palestine will immediately demand United Nations troops enter the new “Palestine” to protect civilians and patrol the 1967 border. Should the United Nations demur (not likely), any number of groups such as the Arab League, or nations such as Turkey will be happy to oblige.

But still, even with sovereignty in hand, the Palestinians will proclaim they are occupied. And they will be believed and supported by the international community. How? In the same way that the international community still looks at Gaza as being occupied despite the removal of all Israelis and Israeli forces. As long as Israeli aircraft patrol the skies and the borders—in other words, as long as Israel exists—Palestinians will be victims; Palestine will be occupied. The Palestinians will then turn their heads toward Phase Two—returning refugees to Israel and ending the Jewish state once and for all.

From now until September there will much talk of peace plans from the United States, Israel, and the European Union. But what possible motivation is there for the Palestinians to negotiate? They already have everything they want in Phase One.

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