Shabbat, But Not Shalom. Israel Under Fire Again This Evening

Israel was hit again by rockets early Friday evening–the siren went off in Ashdod about 50 minutes ago. A grad rocket hit shortly thereafter about half a mile from my house, right beside a large residential neighborhood (it will remain unnamed here in order to not give the Gaza terrorists coordinates). The IDF has just reported that the rockets were fired from the al-Atatra residential neighborhood in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Ironically, Ashdod was the scene of a conference on rocket fire earlier this week in which IDF officials predicted that Hamas would enforce ‘relative’ calm in the region. Ashdod Mayor Yehiel Lasri has just spoken to the city: “Predictions and reality are separate things. This continuous fire puts us in a vicious cycle of drizzling rockets. We expect the government of Israel and the IDF to act accordingly and stop this fire. We cannot go on like this.”

It’s way past time for the world to ask what kind of barbarians randomly rocket Israeli men, women, and children–from a location which puts their own men, women, and children in mortal danger?

And speaking of barbarians, a little more insight into the nature or our enemy today. Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian journalist and member of the International Solidarity Movement who blogged tirelessly on behalf of the Palestinians, castigated Israelis endlessly, and accused the Israeli government of war crimes day after day was found hanged in a house in Gaza–shortly after a group in Gaza released a video featuring a blindfolded and beaten Arrigoni. I ask you, dear reader: what kinds of barbarians are Israel up against?

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