A Wonderful Day Carrying Israeli Flags!

We should never miss an opportunity to show our pride of Israel and all of her accomplishments. Every year, the University of California-Davis holds Picnic Day in mid-April.  As part of the celebratory weekend, there is a parade through the campus and downtown Davis. One of the groups in the parade each year is International House–which solicits students and community members to carry flags of whatever country they want to represent. Last year, my family was appalled to see that no one had volunteered to carry the Israeli flag.

Today was Davis Picnic Day 2011. Three members of our family volunteered to carry Israeli flags. And so we did, at the head of the International House delegation (there were approximately 40 other flags being carried). . . and alongside Arabic students carrying the flags of Libya, Egypt, and Syria. What was amazing was the unanimously positive response to the Israeli flag–people shouting out encouragement to us and applauding. Several groups on the parade route even started singing “Am Israel Chai”. Too often, those of us who support Israel think we are alone. We are not! Take out your Israeli flag and march with it proudly whenever you have a chance!

One postscript: perhaps the most moving moment of the day for us came when a student from Malawi, who had worked with an Israeli health volunteer in his country battling AIDS, came up to us and wanted to take pictures and carry the Israeli flag. It is his picture that you see at the head of my blog today.

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