Turkey: The Epitome of Hypocrisy

Speaking  pompously yesterday at the UN Security Council, Turkish Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan, had this to say: “. . . the Palestinian Authority . . .  deserve to attain their decades-long target of internationally recognized statehood, even though they continue to suffer under occupation.”

He went on to say that the world “must not turn a blind eye to [the Palestinians’] just and legitimate appeal… The time has come to show solidarity with the Palestinians and help them to live in peace and dignity.

Hypocritical comments like this are a staple of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government which has taken upon itself the role of leading the ‘Arab struggle’ against Israel by sending flotillas to Gaza and trying to provoke international pressure.

These hypocritical comments are coming from the same Turkey that denies autonomy and cultural rights to its estimated 15 million Kurds. This is the same Turkey that regularly and randomly bombs Kurdish villages along its border with Iraq. This is the same Turkey that has killed an estimated 40,000 Kurds since the Kurds began trying to create an Kurdish homeland in 1984. This is the same Turkey that will not let its own Kurdish population live in peace and dignity.

Why doesn’t Turkey withdraw from Kurdish lands as Israel did from Gaza? Why doesn’t Turkey make offers of peace to the Kurds as Israel has done to the Palestinians?

Turkey. The epitome of hypocrisy.

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