The Palestinians Have Never Been Interested In Peace. How Al-Jazeera Falsified The ‘Palileaks’ Papers

Over the years, the Palestinians have rejected Israeli offer after offer of peace.  Perhaps the most ridiculously generous offer of all was made by Ehud Olmert on August 31, 2008: one hundred per cent of West Bank land (minus 6.8% in land swaps), 10,000 Palestinian refugees returning to Israel’s final borders, and the holy basin of Jerusalem’s Old City coming under joint Israeli-Palestinian-American- Jordanian-Saudi control. According to Olmert, the Palestinians never responded or made a counter-offer.

In January of this year, Al Jazeera released 1700 documents known as ‘Palileaks’. The news agency reported that these documents proved that the Palestinians were willing to make generous concessions to the ‘hard line’ Israelis. It turns out that Al-Jazeera’s reportage of what was in the documents was completely false. In fact, the documents totally support the Olmert version of what happened.

According to Al-Jazeera, the Palestinians had made a counter offer to let Israel keep control over all Jerusalem communities in ‘East’ Jerusalem except for Har Homa. But the documents actually show that the Palestinians made no offer at all–preferring to wait until George Bush left office. More than this, Saeb Erekat claimed afterwards that the Palestinians had offered a 2% counter-offer to Olmert’s 6.8% land exchange. But the documents actually show that the Palestinians made no such offer. The documents also show that the Palestinians never proposed or accepted international control over the Holy Basin area.

Insofar as the so-called ‘Palestinian refugees’ are concerned, Al Jazeera reported that the Palestinians had agreed that Israel would take in 10,000 refugees a year for ten years for a total of 100,000 ‘refugees.’ In fact, the documents show that the Palestinians never agreed to any such thing–and responded to Olmert’s offer of 10,000 by saying: “Are you joking?”

In my blog yesterday, I commented that the peace process is dead. What the Al Jazeera documents confirm, as I suggested yesterday, is that there never has never been a peace process. It has always been a one-way street, consisting of Israel offering concessions and the Palestinians never replying, waiting instead for Israel to make unilateral concessions. The Palestinians have never been interested in peace with Israel.

You  can read a full report on what the Al-Jazeera documents actually say at:

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