No More Apologies! Lesson Learned From Bin Laden’s Targeted Assassination

By any definition, Osama Bin Laden’s killing was a targeted assassination. According to White House sources, the Seal Team Six mission was a ‘kill’ mission, not a ‘capture’ one. At the conclusion of the mission, President Obama declared to a largely approving world that “justice was done.”

Justice was done. The terrorist leader of Al-Qaeda, a man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands and the terrorizing of millions more got what he deserved. There was ‘collateral damage’–a woman (or wife) that Bin Laden used as a human shield was killed. But as President Obama emphasized–the Seal Team tried its best to avoid civilian casualties. And where did the original information come from that began the thread that led to Bin Laden? From interrogations of terrorists at Guantanamo–the prison the world loves to hate.

What is my point? When Israel imprisons terrorists who want to kill and maim its citizens, when Israel engages in targeted assassinations of those who kill and terrorize Israelis, when Israel attacks facilities that can and would be used to kill and terrorize Israelis, when Israel fights in self-defense to eliminate terrorists–actions that also result in ‘collateral damage’, when all of these actions take place, the world howls in disapproval. It is all right for the United States (and the West) to defend itself, but not all right for Israeli to do so.

President Obama could have been speaking for Israel on numerous occasions in the past when he said: “We were . . . united in our resolve to protect our nation and to bring those who committed this vicious attack to justice. . . And so we went to war . . . to protect our citizens, our friends, and our allies.” Unfortunately, as Israel is continually forced to defend itself,  it is a statement that will deserve to be repeated many times in the future.

No more apologies!

israelstreet fact of the day:

When you hear that Israel is surrounded by Arabs, do you really know what entities border Israel and to what degree?

Israel has 1,017 km of total borders:

Of this 1,017 km: the West Bank constitutes 307 km, Egypt 266 km, Jordan 238 km, Lebanon 79 km, Syria 76 km, Gaza 51 km.

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