How Israel Independence Day Was Transformed Into Al-Nakba Day: The Sacramento Jewish Community’s Pathetic Capitulation To Muslim Intimidation

For many years, my family and I drove to the State Capitol Building in Sacramento to attend the Jewish community’s annual Israel Independence Day. It was always a wonderful morning and afternoon, full of booths, vendors, and activities that focused on Israel. There was a joyous march around the Capitol grounds with hundreds of Jewish and Christian supporters waving hundreds of Israeli flags. We ate falafels and sat on the Capitol grounds, listening to Israeli music and to speakers who talked about Israel’s importance.

And every year, there were Muslim protestors across the street (whom we typically outnumbered 10 to 1) chanting, yelling, and waving their signs. Some of us actually enjoyed the opportunity to yell back and wave our own signs.  But, it turns out, many in the Sacramento area feared these protestors. Several years ago, in response to this intimidating ‘pressure’, the Sacramento Jewish community decided not to have ‘Israel Independence Day’ anymore–and to replace it with ‘Jewish Heritage Day.’ A number of us protested this change by refusing to come and participate, but to no avail.

Now the pathetic giving in to this intimidation has come full circle. This year, the same Muslims who used to be across the street demonstrating against ‘Israel Independence Day’ have taken control of events at the Capitol. Led by CAIR, here is their press release for next Sunday, May 15–the same Sunday that would have been Israel Independence Day:

“Remembering the Nakba – Celebrating Palestine. Sunday, May 15, 2011, 12 noon to 3pm, North Steps, State Capitol, 11th & L, Sacramento; An event of Reflection on the Past  –  Hope for the Future that features displays, speakers, music, food, children’s activities.” This press release is accompanied by a propaganda blurb that talks about “colonial militias”, “Israeli destruction”, and “Palestinian right of return.” The release concludes: “On May 15, Palestinians commemorate these events as Al-Nakba, which means ‘The Catastrophe” in Arabic.”

From ‘Israel Independence Day’ to ‘The Catastrophe’. What pathetically happened in Sacramento should be a wake up call to Israel supporters everywhere. Do not surrender to Muslim intimidation. Stay true to your principles. Get out and support Israel. What have you done for Israel today? What are you doing for Israel Independence Day?

Here in my home city we are having a big Israel Independence Day Celebration–and guess what?  Some of the Sacramento community are coming to celebrate with us on May 15!

israelstreet fact of the day:

In advance of Israel’s 63rd Independence Day this week, the population of the country has reached 7.7 million. In the last year in Israel: 178,000 babies were born; 43,000 people died, and 24,500 new immigrants arrived

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