From Pro-Democracy To Anti-Israel: So Much For The Arab Spring

Remember those pictures from Cairo’s Tahrir Square a couple of months ago that at first glance seemed so inspirational? We saw tens then hundreds of thousands of protestors demanding democratic reforms in Egypts–a process which quickly evolved into anti-Mubarak demonstrations–then devolved into such things as an ugly “Jew Jew Jew!” attack on a female journalist.

This morning the protestors’ pro-democracy chants have completely morphed into anti-Israel cries. Burning Israeli flags, the protestors are demanding that the peace treaty with Israel be abrogated, the Israel ambassador to Egypt be expelled, and all relationships with Israel be severed. “Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem” is their battle cry.

Amman saw another, if smaller, demonstration this morning with demonstrators demanding an end to Jordan’s 1994 peace treaty with Israel and expulsion of the Israel ambassador. In fact, the stark similarity between the events in Cairo and Amman (and elsewhere in the Arab world this morning) obviously suggests close coordination–a coordination probably provided by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel. Israel. Israel. Jews. Jews. Jews. The obsession with Israel and Jews offers Arabs escape from the shortcomings of their own lives, and at least when the demonstrators erupt in anti-Israel fervor they do not have to worry about government reprisals. I would not be surprised to see large-scale anti-Israel demonstrations in Syria tomorrow.

israelstreet fact of the day:

Did you know that the life expectancy at birth for Israelis is:

78.79 years for men and 83.24 years for women

This means that Israel ranks 13th in the world in ‘total population life expectancy at birth’ at 80.73 years. You can see a comparative chart of all countries at:

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