The Israeli Economy Keeps Humming Along

Horrific car accidents on the road to Eilat, anti-Israel riots in Egypt, more protestors killed in Syria, Turkey demands the names of Israeli soldiers, large Nakba demonstrations erupt throughout the West Bank and in ‘east’ Jerusalem, George Mitchell resigns as Obama’s Mideast negotiator, (and on the lighter side) Bar Rafaeli and Leo D’Caprio break upthis is the news of today (and any given day) in Israel.

Yet the Israel economy keeps humming along, stronger than ever. Israel’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) rose to 87.6 points (baseline 1996 = 100), in April 2011 – an increase of 4.2 points over the previous month–this as the overall economy is forecast to grow at a rate of over 4.5% in 2011. It has been reported that Israel’s exports topped over $80.5 billion last year–an all time record–led by electronics, software and computerized systems, communications and medical equipment.

In a normal country, the economy would surely flag under the weight of continuous negative daily news, but Israel is not a normal country–it has learned to survive and thrive in the cauldron in which it finds itself.

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