Stark Confusion On Israel’s Borders This Morning. The Iranian Axis of Evil

There is stark confusion on Israel’s borders this morning as dozens of Syrians have breached the border fence near the Druze village of Majdal Shams and entered the village. Reports are that at least four have been killed by IDF soldiers–and the village is being combed to find the other infiltrators. In the meantime, many Syrians are returning to Syria on their own after negotiations between the IDF, police, and Druze elders.

On the Lebanese border, thousands were bussed down to the border at Maroun al-Ras for demonstrations. Apparently the IDF was firing into the air on the Israel side of the border to keep the protestors from trying to enter Israel, and the Lebanese Army was pushing the protestors away from the border by also firing into the air. Lebanese news sources reported that six protestors were killed and as many as 60 were wounded. The Lebanese are claiming that IDF fire caused the casualties while the IDF says that the protestors were hit by Lebanese Army fire.

In Gaza, the IDF shot a terrorist who was trying to plant a bomb near the fence–and also fired at the legs of other protestors who attempted to storm the border fence.

Syria, Lebanon, Gaza: the Iranian axis of evil: today has gone just as Tehran has planned.

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