Another Great Day Advocating For Israel!

Yesterday our Israel Matters group led the local community in celebrating Israel Independence Day with our annual bbq-falafel-salad fest, an event we do in conjunction with the Sunday School at our synagogue.  We were worried that bad weather in the area (including rain, sleet, hail, thunder, and lightning in the morning!) would put a damper on the celebration. How wrong we were!

Between 250-300 people swarmed in from all over the region. We gave out 450 falafels and 225 hotdogs.   The number of young people there was amazing–and they eagerly consumed 196 cones of cotton candy. We all listened to  wonderful klezmer music and just generally enjoyed each other’s company in our redwood grove amidst Israeli pennants, streamers, and flags.

At the conclusion of the event we announced the winner of our annual Israel essay contest, and stood and sang Hatikvah. A wonderful time was had by all.  We are already planning on how to make next year bigger and better.

Why don’t you do the same in your community next year? Celebrate Israel Independence Day. Invite the community including all of your local ‘dignitaries.’ Start planning now. You’ll be surprised at the results!

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