Media Headline Reaction To Obama’s AIPAC Speech: Manipulation vs. Objectivity

A compendium of headlines compiled three hours after President Obama’s AIPAC speech yesterday. Keep in mind that Obama said: “By definition, it means that the parties themselves – Israelis and Palestinians – will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967.

Haaretz (Israeli newspaper): Obama to AIPAC: 1967 borders reflect long-standing U.S. policy

A headline that suggests that a return to the 1967 borders has long been American policy.

Associated Press: Obama: ’67 borders reflects long-standing policy

Who copied whose headline? Haaretz or AP? By the way, same title different article.

NBC News/msnbc: Obama: ’67 borders reflect longstanding US policy

Apparently nbc/msnbc has no news department, this is the AP article (but they do have a grammar/ punctuation checker ‘reflects/reflect’ ‘long-standing’ ‘longstanding’!)

CNN: Obama rejects controversy over his stance on Middle East peace talks

A strong and adamant Obama. No mention about what the controversy is—and the suggestion that Obama has stepped up to the plate and taken care of business. Nothing else needs to be said.

Christian Science Monitor: Obama to AIPAC: I won’t back down on Israel-Palestine border issue

A tenacious and defiant Obama tells AIPACers where they can stick it!

Chicago Tribune: Obama sticks to Mideast vision, seeks to calm Israel

Focus on Obama, the visionary and healer.

Reuters: Obama seeks to soothe Israel on Mideast vision

Focus on Obama, the healer and visionary.

NY Times: Obama Challenges Israel to Make Hard Choices

Obama the leader puts the onus on Israel, where it belongs


Washington Post: Obama: We cannot afford to wait

Accountant Obama looking after his flock; if Israel does not act, it hurts Israel and the U.S.

Yediot Aharonot (Israeli newspaper):    1967 lines not final border

Addressing what Israelis found most troubling about Obama’s Middle East speech

Wall Street Journal: Obama Restates Mideast Proposal: Tweaks Recipe for Middle East Peace

There was a small problem with Head Chef Obama’s original proposal that needed rephrasing.

Washington Times: Obama: U.S. support of Israel is ‘ironclad’

An Israel—U.S. Relationship Forged in Steel:  Don’t worry Israel; the U.S. has your back!

Fox News: Obama: Bond With Israel ‘Unbreakable’

The Israel—U.S. relationship cannot be severed: Don’t worry Israel; the U.S. has your back!

Jerusalem Post: Obama: Borders will be different from June 4, 1967 lines

The most specific headline on the page, addressing what Israelis found most troubling about Obama’s Middle East Speech.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to determine which of the above headlines are objective and which are manipulative.

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