Israel By The Numbers

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has just released its Better Life Initiative. How is Israel doing in relationship to the other OECD countries? The first column below is the OECD average, the second column is the Israel average.

OECD        Israel

Avg. Household Disposable Income:        $22, 284   $19,456

Household Worth                                        $36,808    $62,684

High School Graduation Rate                       73%          81%

Fertility Rate                                                    1.74%       2.96%

Life Expectancy                                             79.3%       81.1%

Satisfied Life                                                  59%          72%

Observations: Israelis always say that Israel is a poor country with rich people. The first two economic statistics may support that. In terms of education, Israelis seem to be doing as well as other countries but with significant room for improvement. With the increasing number of hassidim, the fertility rate continues climb. Israelis have a relatively long life expectancy–and are seemingly satisfied with life (though everyone likes to complain about everything!)


Stupid Quote Of The Day: “Netanyahu’s refusal of peace based on the 1967 lines is arrogant . . . If Israel continues its obstinacy, Europe will consider political sanctions.”

Jean Asselborn, Foreign Minister of Luxemburg

Thank you President Obama–as the world now rushes to embrace 1967. And what unbelievable gall for Asselborn, or anyone else,  to tell Israel that it is arrogant to demand defensible borders!

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