Iran Trying To Tighten The Noose Around Israel

This morning sees the threat level to Israel increasing on the northern and southern borders.

In the north–even in the midst of ever-increasing Syrian unrest–we have the spectacle of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah meeting with Syrian President Bashir Assad to supposedly discuss ‘reforms’. This meeting comes after the events of the last two days which have seen Syrian soldiers not only firing on anti-Assad protestors, but also firing on fellow Syrian soldiers who refuse to fire on those protestors, who in turn are now burning pictures of Nasrallah because of Hezbollah’s support for the Syrian regime.

Of course, as Iranian proxies, Syria and Hezbollah are inextricably intertwined–as could be seen a few weeks ago when both pushed citizens to attempt a breach of the Israel border–a move that is now being urged again on June 6 to “commemorate” the war in 1967.  The ploy is time-tested in the Middle East–all a corrupt leader has to do to distract attention from the corruption of his regime is to whip up frenzy against Israel. In these cases, Nasrallah wants to divert attention from Hezbollah’s role in the Hariri assassination, and Assad wants to divert attention from the ongoing murder of Syrian civilians.

In the south, the collapse of the Mubarak government has led to Iranian-backed Hamas moving its base of operations from Damascus to Egypt, and to increasing Iranian inspired chaos in the Sinai. In fact,  the Egyptian-based Al-Hayyat satellite television network reported on Monday that according to a senior Egyptian security official,  “over 400 al-Qaeda members have made their way into the Sinai Peninsula.” Are these terrorists merely members of Al-Qaeda? This morning PM Netanyahu noted that “Egypt has had difficulties exercising its sovereignty over Sinai .  .  . What’s happening in Sinai is that global terrorist organizations are meddling there and their presence is increasing because of the connection between Sinai and Gaza.” It is a global terrorism largely funded and controlled from Tehran.

In the coming days, as the economic and political situation in Iran deteriorates, expect to see Iran and its proxies strike out at Israel.

Addendum: To all of you who are celebrating Memorial Day, make it a point today to thank someone for their service

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