The Dangerous Rush To The Negotiation Table

The past few days have seen the onset of a dangerous effort to push Israel to the negotiation table. France is pushing for a peace conference between Netanyahu and Abbas (and presumably Sarkozy) to take place in Paris as soon as possible. Apparently Abbas has already accepted the invitation.

There are other (not completely credible) reports that the U.S. is offering Turkey a peace conference involving Netanyahu and Abbas in return for Turkey’s stopping an upcoming Gaza flotilla.

What’s the rush to have these negotiations? To forestall the push for a Palestinian state at the U.N.–a move that is likely to take place whether negotiations take place or not. And can you imagine the tremendous disadvantage Israel would be operating under were it to agree to hold peace talks in France or Turkey–both  overtly pro-Palestinian in outlook?

With Netanyahu’s stated criteria of not negotiating until the Palestinians accept a “Jewish” state of Israel–and until Hamas is excluded from the Palestinian government, it would seem that both of these proposals should be non-starters. Yet this morning, Netanyahu is reported to be mulling over the French offer.

Mulling over what? Accepting the French invitation is a recipe for disaster.

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