World Hypocrisy On Display, Again

Imagine this headline:

200 Israeli Jews Waving Israeli Flags and Armed With Bats and Iron Chains Attack Illegal Palestinian Encampment, Burn Palestinian Flag and Korans, Burn Outpost To The Ground

What do you think world reaction would be? There would be a frenzied international rush to condemn Israel, resolutions would be introduced at the United Nations, the Arab League would hurriedly call a special meeting to denounce ‘the Zionist entity’, Israeli ambassadors would be summoned to explain, the world press would be awash with articles castigating Israel.

Yet this is exactly what happened yesterday, except in reverse:

200 Muslim Palestinians waving Palestinian flags and armed with bats and iron chains attacked the unsanctioned West Bank outpost of Gaon HaYarden, burned the Israeli flag and Jewish holy books including the Torah, and burned the only living facilities (a hut and a tent) to the ground.

And what did the world say and do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The world simply doesn’t care what happens to Jews.

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