Pure, Refreshing, Exciting Zionism: The Israeli Tzofim Come To Town

We brought the amazing Israeli Tzofim Caravan to our community yesterday; first they sang and danced for over an hour at the community Farmer’s Market–in the evening they dynamically performed again at our local synagogue. The Caravan is a part of the Israeli Tzofim youth movement which has over 60,000 members that organize nature hikes, community service projects, cultural activities and informal education programs.

Ten unbelievably effervescent teenagers with a simple message: Israel is our wonderful country! With a repertoire of songs and stories that mix Zionism, geography, and history, the Tzofim show an unabashed love of Israel that is incredibly attractive to all who come to their shows–and yesterday hundreds did.

And guess what? Even in a ultra-liberal bastion like our community, there were no protests, no complaints, no nay-sayers. It was just an overwhelmingly positive experience for the public.

These were the first stops on the Tzofim’s three month North American tour–you have to get these kids (they are all 16 and 17 years old) to come and perform in your community next year! (They perform at community centers, farmer’s markets, churches, synagogues–just about anywhere and everywhere). They will elevate your spirits and let everyone know what is so wonderful about Israel.

If you would like to have the Tzofim Friendship Caravan visit your community, please contact them in the U.S.  at 212-451-6271 or caravan@israelscouts.org.

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