“I Am Proud Of What I Did.”

“I am proud of what I did.” That sentence has been ringing in my ears since Sunday when it was proudly declared by Amjad Mahmad Awad just prior to his and his partner Hakim Awad’s indictment for the savage murder of the Fogel family.

“I am proud of what I did.” Amjad is proud of his barbaric butchery of Yoav (11), Elad (4), and Hadas (four months). Proud of how he stabbed Yoav and Elad to death as they slept. Proud of how he butchered their parents Udi and Ruthie. Proud of how he grotesquely stabbed baby Hadas repeatedly in her heart and slit her throat.

“I am proud of what I did.” Do you remember how the Palestinian media and their friends in the Western media and blogosphere tried to suggest that the murders were actually committed by a Thai worker? Do you remember how the elder of the village of Awarta declared to the Western media that these “children” could not have committed the murders?

“I am proud of what I did.” Do you remember the photograph of Raya Yaron (spokeswoman of the leftist organization Machshom Watch) hugging and comforting Hakim Awad’s mother, Nuf Awad in Awarta shortly after her son’s arrest. Do you remember how Nuf  said that her son had had testicular surgery and could not possibly have made it to Itamar and back? Do you remember?

“I am proud of what I did.” Do you remember the contrived J Street response to the Fogel murders?  How first J Street objected to the ‘horrifying’ murder of an Israeli family in the West Bank. And then in the same breath refused to support the Rothman-Austria letter in the Congress condemning the Palestinian incitement that led to the Fogel slaughter–because the letter did not condemn Israeli settlement activity in Palestinian territory. To put it a different way, J Street would have us believe that the Fogels were directly responsible for their own gruesome deaths because they lived in ‘Palestinian territory’. And to top it off, do you remember J Street Media Coordinator Amy Spitalnick’s disingenuous remark that the facts of the Fogel case were “iffy”.

“I am proud of what I did.” Have you read Scottish Councilor Jim Bollan’s (the same Bollan leading the Scottish boycott against Israel in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland) recent blaming of Israel for motivating the Awads’ butchery: “There will be many weeping Palestinian mothers and partners tonight with another unarmed 20 Palestinians brutally murdered by the IDF.” 20 unarmed Palestinians brutally murdered each day by the IDF?  Where in the world do monsters like the Awads and Bollan come from?

“I am proud of what I did.” Sometimes you just want to yell at people to wake up. Wake up from your moral relativism, wake up from your political correctness, wake up and see the world as it really is. Wake up and do something!

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