With ‘Freedom And Justice’ For All: The New Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

We are living in Orwellian times. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was officially renamed ‘The Freedom and Justice’ party on Tuesday. What is more, in order to satisfy election guidelines, the Muslim Brotherhood will now open its doors to Christians and women!

This is the same Brotherhood that in recent months has condoned and even encouraged attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians, and demanded a Saudi-style modesty police patrol the streets of the country–a modesty patrol specifically targeting women.

By the way, on Sunday, the first Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood delegation was allowed into Gaza to meet with Hamas leaders.  Of course Hamas itself was an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood–and surreptitious meetings have obviously taken place since its founding.

What we can now expect however, is unprecedented overt coordination between the Hamas and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood–oops! the Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party–a party whose main campaign planks call for abrogation of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty and preparation for war against the ‘Zionists’.

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