Name That Speaker: Who Said What?

Let’s have a matching quiz today. See if you can match the stupid statement with the stupid person who said it (actually the quiz is pretty lame too because the answers are obvious). Here are the possible people being quoted:

A. Sarah Colburne of the British Palestine Solidarity Campaign

B. Israeli Labor Party Knesset Member Isaac Herzog who is running for head of the Labor Party

C. Bulent Yildirim, president of the so-called ‘Islamic charity’ IHH

Quote number 1: This quote was made following Netanyahu’s extremely successful trip to Washington and his brilliant articulation of the Israel’s position.

“[Netanyahu’s] statement following the Obama speech distorted reality and ignored the president’s words . . . [his] lecture at the White House was good in political terms, yet the style insulted the president and his people.  . .I’m discovering here a very disturbing picture in respect to Israel-US ties. The situation at this time is such that Administration officials don’t want to hear of Netanyahu and speak about him with genuine hostility. . . Israel must openly recognize a Palestinian state and assert that the border issue will be determined via negotiations, which must start at this time already.” Who said it?

Quote number 2: The following quote was made after the Archbishop of Canterbury appeared on the BBC and talked about how Christians all over the Middle East fear for their lives, citing Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt and Iraq as well as the attempt of Muslims to force Christians out of Bethlehem.

“[The Archbishop of Canterbury’s] reputation has been damaged by failing to address the impact of decades of brutal Israeli occupation in pushing Palestinians – including Christians – out of Bethlehem. Palestinian Christians and Muslims are working together for peace, justice and freedom. Who said it?

Quote 3: It was announced this morning that the Mavi Marmara will not be joining a flotilla of other ships to Gaza in late June and early July. Turkish port authorities refused to provide approval for the ship to sail.

“After the damage caused to the Mavi Marmara [by Israeli commandos], we are not in a position to go to sea.” Who said it?

If you answered in order Herzog, Colburne, and Yildirim–you are correct–and win the first annual israelstreet prize for paying attention to Middle East news!

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