Do You Recognize This Flag? You Should; It Belongs To One of Israel’s Three Best Friends In the U.N.

The flag of one of Israel’s closest friends; do you recognize it?

Ho hum. It was just another day in the Middle East and at the U.N. yesterday.

Assad butchered more protesters; Qaddafi tried to wipe out more rebels in eastern Libya; Egypt’s Bedouins demanded equal rights from the Egyptian ‘government’; Iran announced it was closer than ever to producing enough enriched uranium (to produce a bomb that it can drop on Israel), etc. etc.

And at the U.N., the so-called Human Rights Council voted on a five year agenda that only singles out only one country in the world for human rights violations: Israel.

Just four countries out of 192 at the U.N. objected to this ludicrous, absurd, ridiculous, nonsensical action of the Human Rights Council: Israel, the U.S., Canada, and Palau.

Palau? Yes, Palau–a country that has been one of Israel’s most amazing supporters through the years.  In case you don’t know, Palau (composed of many islands) is located out in the remote south Pacific, 800 km east of the Philippines and 3200 km south of Japan. It is home to about 21,000 people. There are approximately 10 Jews on Palau–including an Israeli couple who run a diving shop.

So why in the world does Palau support Israel time after time, year after year, in vote after vote at the U.N.? Back on May 25, 1994, Israel became the first non-Pacific nation to recognize Palau’s independence–and to offer economic aid in the form of fisheries and agricultural experts. The Palauans have never forgotten Israel’s friendship and support.

So remember that flag–it is the flag of Palau, a country that recognizes the value of loyalty and friendship.

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